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Areas of Expertise
The Demartini Method

Jessie’s clients tell her they have greater success in business, relationships and health as a result of working with her. She has assisted as a Demartini Method Facilitator in many of Dr. Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience seminars and attends his annual 5-day Demartini Method Training Program in Houston regularly.

Jessie bases most of her coaching on Dr. Demartini’s curriculum. This includes personal values determination and resolving challenges in any area of life. 


Jessie is proficient in NLP and helping release emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, guilt, hurt and any limiting decisions that may have been created in a client’s past. Whether it is mind, body or business, Jessie can assist with increasing your empowerment through inspiration and certainty with getting on track in your highest values. As a result, clients have a greater success, self-reliance, and interact more effectively with others. Jessie will assist you to go deep and explore your innermost obstacles and desires. 

Alison Armstrong 

Jessie applies her Alison Armstrong class work to help her clients maximize deep connections with partners.  Whether you’re married, single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, Jessie will coach you to define and ask for what you want with clarity and respect.  

My Approach

The questions I ask are poignant and will cause introspection and discovery into your highest values and what’s most important to you.  Through this work, your life mission and life purpose are more clearly revealed.  When we create goals within the realm of our highest values, and true purpose, we have increased the probability of maximum rewards and benefits. 

My Approach
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