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Life Coaching

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Helping design your life to make a difference in the world.


Areas of Expertise

The Demartini Method, NLP, Partnership Coaching, all using Breakthrough Techniques

Watch My Free YouTube Tutorials HERE! 

About Jessie

Jessica Olson is a Certified Demartini Method Facilitator, an NLP Master Practitioner, and is well versed in the Alison Armstrong teachings. Since 2005, Jessie has been facilitating people individually and in groups. She earned a Masters Degree in Education in 1992 from San Diego State University.

In 2001 Jessie and her husband, sold a multi-million dollar company they had started in their basement just 3 ½ years earlier.  Jessie’s love of business and human behavior, coupled with her desire to help individuals achieve their goals, and define life purpose makes her a great match for anyone ready to make a difference in the world.



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